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About Levitation Labs

Levitation Labs is a Chicago-based product development company specializing in bringing to market first-of-a-kind patented products designed to empower today's consumers.

UPLIFT®360 Is the World's First Weightless Bedmaking System.

Years of Research & Development

After years of extensive market research, product development, real-world beta testing, and patent work, Levitation Labs introduced its new hovercraft-inspired technology to make any mattress virtually weightless in seconds at the press of a button, for ease of sheet tucking and mattress rotation (all while holding an option bed skirt neatly in place).

Patented ultra-lightweight fabric design allows UPLIFT®360 to remain under and float any mattress at the touch of a button.

Research Reveals Mattress Lifting Epidemic

For Homes, Hotels, and More
UPLIFT®360 has been perfected through a series of beta testing in some of the world's most well known hotels and luxury resorts.

“Mattresses that are turned regularly may have their life expectancy extended by as much as 50 percent...” – Jones, Thomas J.A. Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations. (Wiley, '07)

94 of 95 luxury hotel housekeepers prefer to make their beds with UPLIFT®

UPLIFT®360 Benefits

UPLIFT®360 is proudly designed, engineered, assembled, quality tested, and UL certified for use right here in the USA.