Now make your bed faster & easier.

UPLIFT®360 makes your bed work for you.

Installs in minutes, levitates in seconds.

Plug & play design. No tools required.

Make your mattress feel light as a feather.

UPLIFT®360 uses hovercraft-inspired technology to levitate your mattress on a bed of air, for incredibly fast & easy sheet tucking, mattress rotation, and bedskirt control—so you'll never have to lift a heavy mattress again.

UPLIFT®360 Weightless Bedmaking System

The 3-in-1 Bedmaking System from Levitation Labs.

5-Star Customer Reviews

"It was so nice not to get my knuckles smashed trying to lift the mattress.  We love it!  Thank you so much!"

"Holy cow It really works!  Our daughter thinks it's magic and the dog did spins on top.  It's damn amazing!"

"I've never had a sheet go on that easy. No fighting with the bedskirt and accidentally tucking it in with the sheet. Nice easy hospital corners."

"Val loves it so much.  She just had knee surgery and literally says it's a godsend for her!" (from Val's son-in-law)

"I love it.  Dad used to have to help me this mattress is so doggone heavy. This is sooo great."

"I figured it would not make the bed any easier to make.  But I've totally changed my opinion after seeing it in action."

Tuck in your sheets without lifting your mattress.

UPLIFT®360 fits onto and levitates any mattress, so sheets can be tucked in without ever having to lift a heavy mattress to make your bed.

Change your bedskirt without struggle.

Use UPLIFT®360 to easily slide and tip your mattress off the bed for carefree bedskirt replacement and installation.

Rotate your mattress for a better night's sleep.

Quickly and easily rotate your mattress to even out body impressions and extend its life and sleep comfort by up to 50% (ref).

Patented plug & play design

UPLIFT®360 installs in minutes, levitates your mattress in seconds.  No tools required.

Simple 4-Step Installation

  • Step 1

    Fit UPLIFT®360 onto your box spring (blue side up).  If you have a bedskirt, fit UPLIFT®360 over the bedskirt to hold it in place.

  • Step 2

    Tip your mattress onto the slick blue surface, and slide it in place.

  • Step 3

    Connect one end of the compact air hose to the air pump, the other end air inlet nozzle on the UnderCover.

  • Step 4

    Then simply flip up the sides from box spring to mattress and secure the soft-stretch bands over each corner of your mattress. Done!

Kick gravity out of bed, with UPLIFT®360.

You'll never dream of making your bed any other way.™