Now, move your bed with ease.

Designed to Empower Mattress Owners.

UPLIFT®360 makes any mattress virtually weightless for effortless sheet tucking, mattress rotation, and surprisingly easy bedskirt installation.

Verified Customer Reviews

2/1/20 Update from Val's son-in-law:  "Val loves her UPLIFT 360 so much she wants another.  She literally says it's a godsend for her!  She just had knee replacement surgery, has back pain also, and truly loves the product."
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"The true test [was] the fourth corner.  Wow.  I've never had a sheet go on that easily.  No fighting with the bedskirt and accidentally tucking it in with the sheet.  Nice and easy hospital corners...Voila!"
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"Dad usually helps me, this mattress is so doggone heavy.  I love it.  This is so great."
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"I thought it would be some sort of gadget that didn't work well at all.  I figured it would be difficult to install and not make the bed any easier to make.  But I've totally changed my opinion after installing and seeing it in action."
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"Holy cow It really works!  Sutton thinks it's magic and the dog went crazy doing spins on top...  It's damn amazing—just wish we didn't have a foot board!"

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"We got our Uplift on today!  It is awesome!  It was so nice not to get my knuckles smashed trying to lift the mattress.  Everyone with a big fat mattress needs to have this!  We love it!  Thank you so much!"
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Effortless sheet tucking for a beautiful bed.

Instantly adjust the zero-gravity float height of your mattress to perfectly suit your bed making preferences.

Easy mattress rotation keeps you sleeping soundly.

Mattress rotation evens body impressions and extends the life and comfort of your bed by up to 50% longer (ref).

Change your bedskirt with ease.

UPLIFT®360 now makes changing a bedskirt struggle-free and easier than ever before.

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

We guarantee your new UPLIFT®360 will help make sheet tucking, mattress rotation, and bedskirt installation so easy that if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us within 30 days to return your order for a full refund.