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Mattress Levitation Makes Bedmaking Better.

So fast and easy, you'll never dream of
making your bed any other way.

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Never lift your heavy mattress again.

Introducing UPLIFT® and UPLIFT®360, the new Weightless Bedmaking Systems that use patented airflow technology to weightlessly float your heavy mattress, for effortless sheet tucking without ever having to lift.

While both UPLIFT® and UPLIFT®360 weightlessly float your mattress at the touch of a button, only UPLIFT®360 adds easy mattress rotation & bedskirt installation features in a single 3-in-1 product.

Now tuck in your sheets without lifting your mattress.

Weightlessly levitate your mattress at the press of a button, so sheets can be effortlessly tucked, even with one hand. Dual airflow zippers allow you to adjust the height of mattress levitation to suit your unique bed making preferences.

*Available with UPLIFT® & UPLIFT®360.

Quickly rotate your mattress for a better night's sleep.

Regular mattress rotation evens out body impressions and alleviates pressure points for a great night's sleep. UPLIFT®360 makes rotation a breeze—and all while holding the bedskirt perfectly in place.

*Only available with UPLIFT®360.

Easily install a fresh bedskirt, anytime.

UPLIFT®360 allows you to quickly slide and tip your mattress off the bed to easily install a fresh bedskirt, without ever having to lift your mattress.

*Only availalbe with UPLIFT®360.


Choose UPLIFT® for mattresses supported by platform, slatted, or adjustable bases.
Choose 3-in-1 UPLIFT®360 for mattresses supported by a box spring.

What our customers are saying

"I've never had a fitted sheet go on that easy. No fighting with the bedskirt or accidentally tucking it in with the sheet."

– Koni & Dave R.

"Val loves her UPLIFT360 so much.  She just had knee surgery and says it's literally a godsend."

– Lou & Valerie V.

"My husband used to help me this mattress is so heavy. This is so great. I love it."

– Carolyn & Dave R.

"I'm always looking for ways to save time and UPLIFT does just that."

– Rachel S.

"My girls love it! My little one keeps asking me if we can levitate the mattress again."

– Suzanne A.

"It's so nice not to get my knuckles smashed trying to lift the mattress. We love it! Thank you so much!"

– Sandy B.

5 Year Warranty and Lifetime Customer Care.

Every UPLIFT® and UPLIFT®360 is covered by an exclusive 5 Year Warranty and a lifetime of customer care. So you can rest easy knowing that we're always here when you need us.

Innovating the Everyday.

Founded in 2013, Chicago-based Levitation Laboratories specializes in developing first-of-a-kind consumer products to uplift and empower everyday people, everywhere, through the art and science of product design.

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