Introducing UPLIFT®360

The World's first Weightless Mattress System that uses hovercraft-inspired technology to FLOAT any mattress WEIGHTLESSLY on a soft cushion of air.

The World's first Weightless Bedmaking System.

For effortless sheet tucking, mattress rotation & eyebrow raising ease of bedskirt installation.

Patented fabric design remains under & floats any mattress on a cushion of air in seconds.


Now experience the same weightless bed making ease in your own home.


Underwriters Laboratories consumer product certified for home use in North America.

It's time to KICK GRAVITY out of BED!

For decades, mattress owners have risked shoulder, neck, and back injury; repeatedly lifting their heavy mattress to perform the simplest of bed making tasks.  Until now...

UPLIFT®360 uses hovercraft-inspired technology to FLOAT any mattress WEIGHTLESSLY.

UPLIFT®360 is the world's first all-in-one mattress floating, rotating, bedskirt installing Weightless Mattress Bedmaking System that floats any mattress on a pillow-soft cushion of air so you'll NEVER have to struggle with a heavy mattress again.

UPLIFT®360 defies GRAVITY to give you complete control.

Its dual zippered AirSlides™ allow you to instantly adjust the WEIGHTLESS FLOAT HEIGHT of your mattress to suit your unique bed making preferences.  

"I figured it would be something difficult to install properly and not make the bed any easier to make. But I have totally changed my opinion after installing the system and seeing it in action..."

– Brad & Peggy • Bartonville, Illinois
UPLIFT®360 on a Queen size memory foam mattress with footboard.

Testimonial: Order #1059
★★★★★(5-Star Review)

360° Satisfaction Guarantee

Levitation Labs guarantees that your UPLIFT®360° Weightless Mattress Bed Making System will help make sheet tucking, mattress rotation, and bedskirt installation so easy that if for any reason you are not completely satisfied within 30 days of your order, simply return your UPLIFT®360 for a full refund.

Show your BEDSKIRT who's BOSS.

UPLIFT®360 holds your bedskirt perfectly in place for care-free mattress rotation AND while sliding your mattress back in place for ease of laundering, replacing, or installing a new bedskirt.

"Mattresses that are turned regularly may have their life expectancy extended by as much as 50 PERCENT."

– Jones, Thomas J.A. ('08). Professional management of housekeeping operations (5th ed.), Assoc Prof, William F. Harrah College of Hotel Admin., Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas

Get UPLIFT®360 and KICK GRAVITY out of YOUR bed today!

Designed to EMPOWER mattress owners everywhere.

The versatile power of UPLIFT®360 for homes, hotels, and healthcare.

  • Weightless at home.

    Koni & Dave (& Loredo) • Saint George, Utah
    UPLIFT®360 on a Queen size hybrid mattress.

    Order #1011
    ★★★★★ (5-Star Review)

  • 94 of 95 Housekeepers.

    At several renowned luxury hotel locations, 94 of 95 housekeepers "loved" using UPLIFT®360°; the 95th reported making heavy beds in silent pain for 37 years and sadly asked why it took us so long to "invent this help."

    UPLIFT®360 provides much-awaited relief to hotel housekeepers around the world who suffer in pain to make up to 32 heavy beds each and every day.

  • UPLIFT®360° can help.

    In a Levitation Labs consumer study, nearly 60% of respondents report having trouble making their bed due to suffering from some form of pain or injury.

    UPLIFT®360 is designed to render any mattress virtually weightless for no-lift bed making and mattress rotation.

As featured in leading bedding industry publications.

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