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Unedited customer email received from Brad and Peggy C. of Bartonville, Illinois, on November 12, 2019:

The Uplift Weightless Mattress System

When my wife got an Uplift Weightless Mattress System, I thought it would be some sort of a gadget that did not work well at all. I figured it would be something that was difficult to install properly and not make the bed any easier to make. But I have totally changed my opinion after installing the system and seeing it in action. We have a HEAVY queen-size memory foam mattress with a headboard and footboard that are higher than the bottom of the mattress. This makes it difficult to properly put the fitted sheet on the mattress, as well as tucking in the top sheet and blanket(s) along the entire bottom of the mattress.

When I started to install the Uplift Weightless Mattress System, the instructions said to remove the mattress from the bed, leaving the foundation in place, and lay the Uplift Weightless Mattress System Pad on the top of the foundation and then put the mattress back on top of the Weightless Mattress System Pad. Well I figured when I laid that heavy mattress on the edge of the pad (on top of the foundation), and started to slide the mattress back it place, it would push the pad right off the top of the foundation or at the very least it would move the pad all to one edge of the bed. But unbelievably that heavy memory foam mattress slid right across the pad (on top of the foundation) and the pad stayed perfectly in place. That was my first hint that this might be a viable product. Next, I strapped the Pad to the mattress (easy to do with provided velcro straps), hooked up the electric air pump, hit the switch and my HEAVY queen-size memory foam mattress was floating on air and almost felt weightless! With the mattress floating on air above the foundation, my wife could easily put the fitted sheet on the mattress – without any lifting at all. Also tucking the top sheet and blankets under the mattress along the bottom of the mattress was a breeze, because it lifted the mattress above the footboard and left a nice space between the mattress and foundation. When I hit the switch again to turn off the electric air pump the mattress slowly settled down onto the foundation and all of my sheets and blankets were in the perfect position for a great night’s sleep. When we first installed the Uplift Weightless Mattress System it was floating a little too high and seemed a little unstable, but they have incorporated 2 zippers on the Pad that you can open or close to control exactly how high your mattress floats. After some very quick experimentation with the zippers in different positions, we found the right height for us, and have not had to adjust the zippers again.

I was so impressed with this product, that I am purchasing one for my elderly parents. They have a queen-size spring mattress that is not as heavy as a memory foam, but is still too heavy for them to lift. So I am getting them the Uplift Weightless Mattress System as a gift.

In summary, if you are like me you will be skeptical, but when you see it in action, you will be impressed.

 - Brad and Peggy C.